Squaring a circle

Something that is rather puzzling me at the moment is the seemingly normal unevenness in the application of “law” and the acceptability of protest. I know it’s not really that surprising, and isn’t news but a few things have crossed my vision in the last week which do seem to suggest that we (in a collective national sense) have rather lost the plot. Most recently Orphans of Liberty report that a council has refused to give the EDL permission to lay a wreath at a memorial, and rightly asks the question since when did you need the councils permission to … Continue reading

NotW protests and bloggers

Having dragged myself away from both work and the Tour for a little bit, I discover that there’s been a bit happening this last week. The big story as far as the papers were concerned seems to have been the NotW getting caught out doing the same sort of stuff the rest of them all do. Though it’d seem that New International really aren’t the worst of them that prize goes to Trinity Mirror, but they of course aren’t run by the “evil” Murdochs. So there are fewer calls for the government to stamp on them, which rather ignores that … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Magna Carta

Today is the 796th anniversary of the first great charter – the magna carta of 1215. Now some people think that it’s pretty much a busted flush these days, having been all but entirely repealed. Others seem to think that it’s irrelevant because we’re now a parliamentary democracy though the evidence suggests that despite them changing our passports to say “citizen” rather than “subject”* we are still actually a constitutional monarchy. Just because parliament acts like it’s supreme (and sadly the monarchy lets it) doesn’t make it so, just as just because parliament would like us to think they can … Continue reading