Not watching the wedding

Today I’m mainly not watching the Royal Wedding, not because I think it’s a huge waste of money (I don’t particularly), nor because I think the royals are a terribly anachronism that should be abolished post haste (I don’t I’m actually rather a monarchist) – nope I’m simply not watching because I dislike crowds so not going into town, and I don’t tend to sit in front of the telly that much. I am however getting a running commentary via the internet which is a good compromise. Sadly it seems that They’ve not gone for the very traditional approach I … Continue reading

Servants of the people?

A bit of not so local news, which really isn’t terribly surprising but that’s worth highlighting anyway. News reaches me that due to police objections Strawbery fair is to be cancelled this year. The organizers say: “Cambridgeshire Police have made it absolutely clear they do not want the event to go ahead and have put an incredible amount of time and resource into preventing it. We feel the police action shows just how far out of step they are with the people of Cambridge, who have shown overwhelming support for the event; and had the same enthusiasm been spent on … Continue reading