Perambulation again

As the season of mellow fruitfulness descends upon us once again, it returns to mind that this is a delightful time for a genteel stroll amongst the imposing architecture of London. With this in mind it seems that Old Holborn will once more be in town on the 5th November partaking of his with a perambulation to the palace of Westminster. Further it seems that once more he’d not be adverse to others of good company in suitable waling garb, joining him in this leisurely endeavour. So do please feel free to turn up an enjoy the sights and sounds … Continue reading

Thoughts from a little walk

This may be an odd sort of first post to my first real journal, so I’ll back fill later, but for now I’m going to stick to the cause of me getting round to trying to write something a bit more useful than I normally do. The other day I came home early from a holiday where I get to spend several days with some excellent people that I don’t see often enough ( Time, money, circumstances all the usual excuses). I did this to join Old Holborn for his little walk. I had two hopes for the walk, that … Continue reading