Something rotten in global warming data

I suspect by now you’ve probably already seen the press release from Antony Watts if carry on nothing new to see here. If you haven’t read it go read it now. Then consider how many policies have been driven by, and how much money has been squandered based on flawed temperature data to solve a problem which looks likely doesn’t exist. Then remember that they’d have you believe that the science is settled, then feel free to be very annoyed. To quote Katabasis: “Watts’ work has essentially invalidated all of the worldwide land temperature data sets and the thousands of … Continue reading

A quick plug

Via the ever well informed Katabasis my attention has been drawn to a new blog/project:, which is apparently “… a clearing house site for information, news and opinions on the issues of censorship, propaganda and surveillance. It has an especial focus on the UK, however exceptions will often be made for particularly egregious examples internationally (such as SOPA in the U.S. or ACTA internationally).” Looks like one to keep an eye on. +1-1

In the pay of the bogey man

It’s too hot at the moment to write anything much so instead I’ll just share a couple of links, first from the ever informative Katabasis, it’d seem that evil big oil profits quite nicely from global warming alarmism thank you very much. Whilst on the subject of the bogey may I also draw your attention to this event Obviously you’ll only want to go to such an event if you’re in the pay of both big tobacco and big alcohol. Sadly I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be at a “big oil” sponsored event at the time doing … Continue reading