Something rotten in global warming data

Significant flaws in temperature adjustments I suspect by now you’ve probably already seen the press release from Antony Watts if carry on nothing new to see here. If you haven’t read it go read it now. Then consider how many policies have been driven by, and how much money has been squandered based on flawed temperature data to solve a problem which looks likely doesn’t exist. Then remember that they’d have you believe that the science is settled, then feel free to be very annoyed. To quote Katabasis:
“Watts’ work has essentially invalidated all of the worldwide land temperature data sets and the thousands of papers based on this data.”
“In case anyone doesn’t understand the immediate implications of this (Anthony Watt’s research) – the U.S. land based temp stations are the best land temp network in the world. The people who made the adjustments to the raw data on these stations are the same people who make adjustments to the (even more flawed) worldwide data sets on the basis of the same siting methodology – the GCHN data set is the one that ALL the other land based data sets are based on (with possible exception of the Japanese record IIRC). Ergo if the warming in the U.S. record is overstated by 50%, so has the warming across the rest of the world (on land based records).”

Lets see how much attention the politicians pay and if anyone admits they may in fact have got it wrong.

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One Response to Something rotten in global warming data

  1. Delerium says:

    I’m just posting on your site to state for the record (the LP, not the 45) that I left academic research precisely bc I got so appalled with what was being done with the data I collected as a research technician in pharmaceutical research. Which, when all is said and done, is as fraught with error as this climate disaster manamana – how many years has it taken to amass data that this charade was bad data? Now THAT is despicable.

    If anyone is hiring poets with a neuroscience background over there, please contact me through Giolla, I’d love a patron and to tell my story (and no, he didn’t offer to help me find a patron, has that stopped me in the past?) I’m running from the pursuit of science as hard and fast as I can… running in the direction of REAL fiction FWIW.

    G: just noticed you were “powered by ONEALL Social Login” Oh goody, good thing I’m not paranoid about my comments being available from every inch of cyberspace.

    “They” really are dissolving our privacy without even trying to hide behind anything anymore…”Facebook is Forever,” children …

    Sorry for the rant. Thanks for listening.