Olympic brand protection again

Cash for branding Terribly sorry to be banging on about the olympics again but Al Jahom has revealed that the festering pustulance on the face of free speech don’t want us linking to them in uncomplimentary terms. To quote what they’d like to impose:
“no such link shall portray us or any other official London 2012 organisations (or our or their activities, products or services) in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise objectionable manner.”
Oh and it must also be in text only so this sort of thing is probably right out:
London 2012 olympics festering cock monkeys

The paranoid insanity of these olympics is a matter of international derision with sites like Cracked picking on on the “Creepy things London did to prepare for the Olympics. Thankfully there are Official protesters to help raise awareness of these matters. Having recently tried to get spreadshirt to print some humorous and satirical, and thus I believe quite legal, t-shirts. I discovered just how restrictive the regulations actually are, and I really can’t blame Spreadshirt for taking this approach, but here’s what they said when I asked them what the problem was with my designs (emphasis mine):
“Hello anonymong,

Many thanks for your email.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to print anything regarding olympia.
The IOC has several trademarks published and some designs are prohibited by law.

We are not allowed to print parodies or elements using the rings, the logo, several words like
‘london 2012’ so on.
Using trademark material can incur severe monetary penalties. This is something we would like
to prevent by this precautionary measure.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards

Spreadshirt Legal Service”

Like I say I don’t blame them at all, but I’d note that usually they aren’t nearly so draconian and just ask you to confirm that you really really do have the rights to the design, and there are certainly enough parodies and spoofs of large brands for sale there. I shall be trying again of course with a new version:
Brand awareness take 2

So we’ll see how that goes, and in case it doesn’t go well there’s a zip file of full sized version of both designs for anyones use. Also just in case you fancy joining in the fun with tweaking the incompetent misbegotten spawn of mangy camels here’s a free to download copy of the London 2012 font.


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2 Responses to Olympic brand protection again

  1. Luckily I know where to get fabric crayons (any art shop) and blank t-shirts (any charity shop), so I might amuse myself by sketching five interlinked hairy scrotums (scrota?) on one.

    The crayons are fixed by ironing, not that one would be terribly concerned about getting more than one season out of the garment.

    • Giolla says:

      We now have shirts and leaflets on the way so if you fancied a pint and a stroll around sunny (not Stony) Stratford (and not the one upon Avon either)…..

      Just about to post a vague plan