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Review the smoking banWhilst I still posses my doubts and a certain cynicism towards the new government e-petitions site I figure that it can’t hurt to try it. If nothing else it gives them another thing to ignore and us another thing to point at and say “look you’re ignoring us” – one day this might achieve something. However in the meantime Dick Puddlecote has brought to my attention a petition to “review the smoking ban“, not repeal just you know maybe see if it could be relaxed a bit. It’s even support by Anthony Worrall Thompson so it’s got celebrity kudos and everything.

The antipodean media has noticed that smoking bans are illiberal and maybe it’s gone a bit far. As they say we all “know” that we’ve been told that smoking is terribly bad for us, however over here there are murmurings about banning smoking on cruise ships which would require either a change to maritime law or the simpler method of cruise companies catering to their customers so maybe you could have drinky smokey cruises for those that like them. Also in the firing line are e-cigs even though they don’t have to contain any tobacco or nicotine at all, mine don’t just coffee so what’s there to control – except of course it makes it harder to spot the “smokers” and nicotine is big business these days so heaven forfend that it not rake in huge profits and taxes.

There are load so f reasons to sign it, but I think that has it nailed best “via LegIron)

“However, Smoking Hot raised a good point. One of the staples of the smokophobe’s imaginary world is the phrase ‘most smokers support the smoking ban’ and if we don’t sign this petition, they’ll hold up the low numbers as proof.”

I’d actually extend that to say even us that don’t smoke were never really asked, and I know an awful lot of people who having seen the effects of the ban would be glad to see the back of it. So do sign the petition and spread the word.

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