Anyone fancy a walk?

5 years ago I notice that once again November the fifth is fast approaching, which means it must be time for a little bit of seasonal exercise. Old Holborn kicked off this little tradition 4 years ago now so if you’ve not made it before why not come along, have a little bit to drink then go for a bracing walk around Westminster. Meet our friendly met police force who’ve only searched us once but do like to follow us till we’re safe in the pub (I assume for our own protection). Last year we had lots of fun joining in with the Occupy march, this year I hear rumors that “Anonymous” have finally noticed that the date mentioned in a certain film actually exists and will be milling around the area at some point. So who knows we might get the chance to have an enlightening and reasonable discourse about the state of the world, and if not I’m sure we’ll once more manage to find a pub.

I suspect it’ll be the usual meet on Nov 5th at Chandos at Midday and head out from there, hope to see you there.

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