Do you really support protecting all sub cultures against hate crime?

My friends feed continues to be full of people rejoicing at Greater Manchester police not treating everyone as equal before the law, and calling for the extension of hate crime legislation to include alternative subcultures and as the Sophie Lancaster campaign says:
“To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from alternative subcultures or Lifestyle and Dress.”
The press is even being terribly glad about it and people are writing articles praising this new attack on equality. Last time I checked assault was illegal and so was harassment so there is recourse if you need it, but no some flowers are more special than others. To be fair to my friends and acquaintances there are voices speaking up for the equality of all humans, and the idea that assault and harassment are bad no matter the cause or who’s being hassled and assaulted.

However for those of you that still think that protecting those delicate type belonging to alternative subcultures or who like to dress strangely well here’s a simple graphic to explain how it works. In case you don’t recognise the bottom right picture she was attacked by Somali girls shouting “kill the white slag” it wasn’t treated as a hate crime and they were given lenient sentences as they weren’t used to drinking.

How extended hate crime will work

Oops forgot to include neo-nazi’s on that middle gallery.

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