Not really news and God willing never will be

In amongst all the news stories about the floods, the papers are reporting some really quite sterling work being done to help those affected by the floods by many members of the community and all sorts of different groups. People are pulling together so much, that people helping each other isn’t really news – which is a good thing. The news consists of things that are unusual and noteworthy, and when people helping each other out in times of need becomes major news then it’s a sad day for all of us. Exceptional acts of bravery, generosity or even just normal British craziness are still news, but people just mucking in to help each other not so much and again I say this is a good thing.

So if people helping each other isn’t really news, but is more what is to be expected what then to make of those that think that Muslims helping out is particularly worthy of note. A quick google search suggests it’s getting as much coverage as any other group mucking in. In fact searching on terms relating to other religions seems to turn up fewer articles, so sadly it seems that Muslims helping out is news worthy. Which suggests it’s something which isn’t expected and is unusual – which of course may well be just down to how the media likes to portray things. Either way it’s rather sad and really we want less coverage of Muslims being the normal helpful members of their communities that (outside of the nutters) they are. The greater the press reports on something the more unusual the event, so if you think that Muslims helping other people is really news worthy you’re kind of on the same page as the EDL and such in thinking that they’re not just part of the community and that they don’t help. It’s a sad state of affairs that any group of people helping out others is news worthy, and really it should be something that is so ordinary and mundane that the story should only ever be “Why isn’t X helping”. So rather than decrying the lack of reporting on Muslims giving aid to their fellow-man, let’s decry the fact that no-one is reporting the lack of aid coming from EDL or Britain first, where are their armies of volunteers filling sandbags?

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