2015 in Cards Against Humanity

2015 in review Following on from last years “success” I present once more the Anonymong review of 2015 in Cards Against Humanity. These may not be the top stories, in fact they almost certainly aren’t, but they’re the ones that have caught my attention or stuck in my mind. If I didn’t mutter about them here it was probably on Facebook or Twitter. It seems 2015 was a year of offense taking, attacks from people claiming affiliation with a religion which they had nothing to do with, a bit more war, politicians with crazy views getting popular support and then objecting to be scrutinized and of course finishing with floods. So really rather like 2014 on rewind but with the volume turned up to 11.

You can download PDF’s of the cards below.

2015 Cards against humanity

2015 Cards against humanity

Low ink -  2015 Cards Against Humanity

Low ink – 2015 Cards Against Humanity

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