Oh the humanity

I recently stumbled across this article, proving yet again that with the SJW brigade the only way to win is not to play their game. Sadly it seems the makers of Cards Against Humanity, a game I’m rather fond of, haven’t learnt this lesson yet though I’d hope they’re by now catching on. If you don’t know “Cards Against Humanity”, or CAH as it’s often known, is in it’s own words “is a party game for horrible people”. It’s based on making humorous sentences/responses based on randomly drawn cards that are by design largely in bad taste and ideal for … Continue reading

2015 in Cards Against Humanity

Following on from last years “success” I present once more the Anonymong review of 2015 in Cards Against Humanity. These may not be the top stories, in fact they almost certainly aren’t, but they’re the ones that have caught my attention or stuck in my mind. If I didn’t mutter about them here it was probably on Facebook or Twitter. It seems 2015 was a year of offense taking, attacks from people claiming affiliation with a religion which they had nothing to do with, a bit more war, politicians with crazy views getting popular support and then objecting to be … Continue reading

The years news in cards against humanity

As other people have observed this year has been the year of the offended and looking back through all the stories I’ve muttered about here or over on Facebook the amount of offense taken this year has been quite impressive. So what better way to look back at the years news and all that offense than with the Anonymong 2014 review Cards Against Humanity? See how many stories you recognise, remind yourself of who offended who and why, plus a few other things that happened. Plus of course mix up the stories in new and even more offensive fashions. It’s … Continue reading