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Cards that aren't yet offensive

These cards have not yet been declared offensive

I recently stumbled across this article, proving yet again that with the SJW brigade the only way to win is not to play their game. Sadly it seems the makers of Cards Against Humanity, a game I’m rather fond of, haven’t learnt this lesson yet though I’d hope they’re by now catching on.

If you don’t know “Cards Against Humanity”, or CAH as it’s often known, is in it’s own words “is a party game for horrible people”. It’s based on making humorous sentences/responses based on randomly drawn cards that are by design largely in bad taste and ideal for people to take offense to. Which is predictably just what happened. Somebody playing a game based on bad taste and being a horrible person took offense at a card reading “passable transvestites”, and rather than just throw it away – they burnt it, posted to the internet added a hashtag and queue outrage! Rather than say “This game does exactly what it says on the box” the owners of CAH apologized saying they were very very sorry and had got rid of the card years ago. I hope for their sake that they’ve not set a precedent, as a game based on bad taste and being offensive really can’t survive by pandering to offendatrons. If they start removing every card the SJW types object to soon it’ll just be a came based on insulting the right wing, white people, smoker, drinkers and Jews as everything else will have been deemed offensive.

That though isn’t the end of the story CAH is a a progressive, modern socially aware company so it has set up a scholarship fund “The Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship “. Very noble you’d thing, it plans to pay the tuition for “one high school or college student who identifies as a female” for four years. Excellent stuff you’d thing, but no they made the mistake of having their selection board only consisting of one sex. Oddly though in this case the objection was that all of the people on the board identified as female, so suddenly “men should be part of the conversation, too.”. Which is strange as normally when men try to be part of the conversation it’s mansplaining or some such. The mistake of course is to start playing their game in the first place, because there is never a correct way to do anything especially if you’re a group of young white men running a company based around an offensive card game.

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