The Scottish case for Brexit

I’ve heard tell all over the place that Scotland is very much against Brexit. Now I don’t know how true this is I doubt anyone does – but regardless I’d like to present the Scottish argument for Brexit*.

Taking Responsibility by moving all Governing Powers to Britain

You would like to get the opportunity to move more responsibilities to a more local British Democracy instead of accept the fate of Brussels plans? With all the powers moved to Britain, we can make a fairer Britain.

Britain has the resources and finances

Britain has the resources and finances to become independent. One of the early myths created by the Remain Campaign has been debunked. Britain has what it takes to become independent and the British people will be better off financially.

Believing in the creation of more jobs

With an ever rising energy and electricity demand in Europe, Britain could be one of the global leading suppliers. Britain has many natural resources that allow sustainable energy for which more jobs are created.

Believing that Britain and The EU have opposite Political and Social views

We love Britain and we love Europe. Why should both suffer from having to compromise political decisions to please both sides? Let’s respect each other and go our own way. In doing so, we’ll become better friends and neighbours then we are ever going to be in a forced political marriage.

Understanding that NO may lead to changes for worse

Change is going to happen, whether you vote Remain or Leave. By voting Remain, you will have less control over the changes that are going to change, because the power that makes these decisions is still in Brussells. A Remain vote will be seen as an act of ‘no confidence’ in the current British Government. A Remain vote may also be used by the EU to withdraw powers from the British Government.
So by voting Remain, not only will things be changing, things might be changing for worse.

Britain is a country

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to say that Britain is a nation. As such, it should have it’s own voice among other nations as an independent state. It should take responsibility for its own decisions and how it’s run.

It’s not about building borders but working with other countries

There’s already a border between Britain and the EU, and it won’t change much if we become independent. Independence isn’t about becoming an isolationist state looking out for number 1, but taking a seat at the family table with our own voice. No one in Britain is advocating ignoring the troubles facing the world with regards to climate change, poverty, war and famine. Quite the opposite in fact.

Independence would give Britain the opportunity to project a welcoming, open and peaceful ideology to the world. To stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends against war, militarism and extremism of all kinds.

Just because the Union is 71 years old, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reassess it

Presumably you would remortgage if the economy changed? A business partnership would re-assess their agreements at regular intervals and likewise, if you and your partner (like, hugging and kissing partner, not your business partner) realised you wanted different things, then you might have a chat about where your relationship is going.

If anything, the very fact that the EU is 71 years old is a perfect reason to reassess the agreement. Times have changed and the world is a very different place with different challenges. 71 years ago Europe was recovering from a vicious expansionist military aggression and economic war. Now it’s coming to the end of the process of breaking that Empire up so that the individual nations may have their own voices and make their own decisions. It might be that the EU is the next part in this process.

Smaller democracies/states adapt quicker

A small, efficient state is more adaptable than a larger state, economically and democratically. We will be better able to grow and change during challenging times.

For the opportunity

Independence isn’t full of facts and certainties. It’s full of opportunity, right up to the fucking brim. Frankly, it’s overflowing.

We are being given the opportunity to put everything up for discussion about how a modern, democratic nation should be run. Everything. It might not come on independence day, but with independence our Parliament can go on to discuss everything – monarchy, currency, Europe and everything else. On the day after a Leave vote we start discussing what our democracy looks like, what our constitution will look like and what our bureaucracy looks like. We can really do things differently.

Independence is normal

Of all the nearly 60 countries who have become independent from the UK, none have requested to rejoin. 30 countries around the world have become independent nations since World War 2 and again, none have reverted back to their former union since.

Let’s be a normal, independent nation.

And there you have several very sound Scottish arguments for Brexit – more to follow.

* Arguments cherry picked from:
why vote yes for Scottish Independence
11 Common sense reasons to vote yes

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