Straight men can’t wear dresses #NUSWomen15

I honestly thought that the Yesterdays article would be all I had to say about the NUS Womens conference – it’s certainly more than I really wanted to write. I’d actually stopped following the #NUSWomen15 tag, when as is the manner of these things this gem ambled across my gaze: Which rather puzzled me as I had seen the motion in question yesterday and had mentioned it in my previous post, it was this one: The motion was that ‘cross-dressing” for fancy dress was to be condemned and that unions should ban events that “permit or encourage” cisgender people to … Continue reading

The perils of jazz hands #nuswomen15

The NUS Women’s Conference has caused a bit of a stir on twitter recently. The conference could well have gone unnoticed as many of these things do except they were using Twitter as though it were a private forum and made this rather ill-judged tweet: Which is on the face of it a bit silly – to say the least. Giving the people who made the request every benefit of the doubt, some people do find large noisy crowds stressful and if someone is experiencing discomfort near you – you should probably check that they’re OK. That said if you … Continue reading

Farewell Captain Ranty

Never been terribly good at this sort of thing but I’m greatly saddened to hear that Captain Ranty has passed away. His was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly when I found myself stumbling into reading political blogs, I may not have always agreed with him but his arguments were always worth reading. I remember on a few occasions being one of many encouraging him not to give up blogging and was always glad when he returned to writing, and I was always glad when he dropped in her to leave the odd comment. It was just … Continue reading