99% revisited

One of the great things about the internet is that give it a chance and sooner or later someone will provide you with the information you were missing. which means I have to revisit my whole pondering of this 99% thing, as a rather informative article with charts has identified just which 99% they’re claiming to speak for (which I’m still not convinced by) and why which is a whole lot more convincing. Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About… “The “Occupy Wall Street” protests are gaining momentum, having spread from a small park in New York … Continue reading

Free the Bolton one

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already read about the plight of Nick Hogan, if not go and read about it over at Old Holborns and whilst you’re there make use of the donate button to chip in an help get him out of prison. I thought debtor’s prisons had been done away with but apparently not, and by all accounts this particular prison has a particularly bad reputation. Even if you agree with the smoking bad, the issue here is as Charles Crawford says far more about “the definition of a privately owned pub as a ‘public place’ under … Continue reading

UKIP a correction

I really must apologise, my previous article UKIP losing the plot I’d rather presumed that UKIP wanted a blanket ban on the burqa. However as Dick Puddlecote points out over at Old Holborns this isn’t actually the case. They just want to ban it in public buildings and allow for it to be banned in private buildings as well and they actually want to ban “anything which conceals a woman’s face“. Which is marginally more reasonable, except why just women’s faces? Surely experience tells us that men with covered faces are far more likely to be a problem? And what … Continue reading