Brian Haw update

Via Dizzy Thinks – a video of Brian Haws arrest and the minutes before: Having seen this I must say the Police do seem to be being quite reasonable and friendly about things, and I’m not entirely sure what it matters if he’s part of the other protest or not. Also interesting that he refers to his tent as his home. Did he need to be arrested I’m not entirely sure, held out of the way certainly, arrested well other protesters probably would have been for the same behaviour from the video it doesn’t look that unreasonable. The more telling … Continue reading

Reply from Greenpeace

Well that was terribly quick, Greenpeace have replied to my email already, though they don’t address my second point at all nor mention if they’ll be carrying out similar campaigns in other countries. Oh and it would have been nice if they could have spelt my name correctly. Anyway here’s the reply: “Hello Gioalla and thanks for your e-mail, it’s great to hear from you. Greenpeace is backing the Take Back Parliament campaign because Government policy and political lobbying are so fundamental to our campaigns and environmental change. The Government has huge power, and therefore huge responsibility, when it … Continue reading

And finally…

Gordon has left the building, but sadly not the land. Dave and Nick are setting up shop and divvying the spoils between them – give it a few days for the dust to settle and then we’ll see if it’s business as usual with the government having got back in. In the meantime here’s a musical interlude. +20