Protests and pagents

Another rambling post I’m afraid, very soon London will be over run for the sum by both the pageantry for the queens jubilee and then shortly after the Olympics. During this period I intend to avoid central London as much as possible, other people it seems plan to go into London not so much to enjoy the festivities (such as we’re told they’ll be) as to protest them. Yet again I wonder about the motives and intelligence of the people planning protests that I’ve read of so far, though at the same time I hope that they’ll be no arrests … Continue reading

A new bill of rights?

Friday see’s the end of the consultation period for our new bill of rights, or as Mr Cameron would have it our bill of rights, as he seems to be unaware of the existing documents which form our constitution (H/T

Happy Birthday Magna Carta

Today is the 796th anniversary of the first great charter – the magna carta of 1215. Now some people think that it’s pretty much a busted flush these days, having been all but entirely repealed. Others seem to think that it’s irrelevant because we’re now a parliamentary democracy though the evidence suggests that despite them changing our passports to say “citizen” rather than “subject”* we are still actually a constitutional monarchy. Just because parliament acts like it’s supreme (and sadly the monarchy lets it) doesn’t make it so, just as just because parliament would like us to think they can … Continue reading