Money for old votes

As the election draws ever closer once more come the exhortations to vote tactically to keep this party or that party out of power. The numerous articles telling us all how for many of us the seats are so safe it doesn’t matter how we vote, we can’t change anything. No doubt some of us will believe all this and then next time round the same voices will tell us once more our votes don’t count and how we must vote tactically for one of the big parties – pointing to how the election went last time. “Look” they’ll say … Continue reading

David Laws – adding noise not light

Lots of other bloggers have already made far better comments about David Laws than I will, but despite that I’m going to stick my oar in. Mainly because I’d hate for our politicians to get the slightest hint that we’ve lost interest in their expenses. One thing that does make a nice change is the speed with which Mr Laws resigned, that much at least is an improvement. As many people have observed his sexuality really doesn’t have anything to do with it, that he was fiddling his expenses did. The claim that they weren’t living as spouses would at … Continue reading

In other news…

Obviously the big story at the moment is four ministers taking cash for access the defence of which was that that they were variously lying or should not be given credibility (Guido has a petiton). So that’s reassuring then we don’t need to worry about ministers offering to take cash for access as they’re either mad or lying (or possibly both) – but still fit to govern whilst exceeding the government’s recommended weekly alcohol limit (which is much cheaper to do in the subsidised bars in the houses of Parliament). Whilst that’s been going on Gordon has re-announced plans to … Continue reading