Money for old votes

As the election draws ever closer once more come the exhortations to vote tactically to keep this party or that party out of power. The numerous articles telling us all how for many of us the seats are so safe it doesn’t matter how we vote, we can’t change anything. No doubt some of us will believe all this and then next time round the same voices will tell us once more our votes don’t count and how we must vote tactically for one of the big parties – pointing to how the election went last time. “Look” they’ll say … Continue reading

UKIP and the mystery of the wasted vote

The Eastleigh elections are over and as everyone predicted the LibDems held the seat, the much more interesting part of the results was how well UKIP did and well done to them for it. The part I found really the most fascinating about it all was the reactions of so many politicians and political commentators (of which I suppose I’m technically one, and if anyone wants to pay for this drivel…). There was so much talk of UKIP taking away the Tory vote, and the right wing vote being split as if the major political parties are somehow owed our … Continue reading