Welcome to censorship Britain

From this month following repeated nudges from the Government Britain no longer has an uncensored internet by default. As of this month BT will be asking all new customers what level of internet censorship they want. Whilst this is being described as a porn filter, it’s quite clear that even at the “light” level it’s not just “porn” that’s being blocked. The details of the other categories are really worryingly vague, from BT’s control panel it’s revealed what those categories refer to: Obscene and tasteless Sites where content is offensive or tasteless such as criminal activity, bathroom humour, or gruesome … Continue reading


Elegy in a country Churchyard – Henry Reed The men that worked for England They have their graves at home; And bees and birds of England about the cross can roam. But they that fought for England Following a falling star, Alas, alas, for England They have their graves afar. And they that rule in England in stately conclave met, Alas, alas for England They have no graves as yet. +460

There’s something about UKIP

I was going to write a different article, but then I read more articles from various political pundits and changed my mind, so instead you have a slightly rambling article which probably isn’t going to say anything new. We are thankfully now out of political conference season, not quite sure what purposes these conferences do any more other than raise funds and get the select parties free TV time but anyway. What’s been interesting is how much time the political punditry (which as I’m writing this, should include myself) have spent talking about UKIP. Every other parties conference seems to … Continue reading