When equalities collide

It’s all too easy to mock comment pieces over on the Gruniad’s comments make free – but I’ve never been afraid of going for easy targets and this recent piece just amused me too much. Jane Fae is it seems convinced that “an unstoppable impulse is about to sweep away traditional ideas of gender – and we’ll all benefit”. It’s nice to see that they’ve noticed that the marriage equality bill didn’t bring equality as quite a few people observed at the time, though not from quite such a narrow perspective as Ms Fae is concerned about. However enough of … Continue reading

Last week elsewhere

Another week another attempt to remember to do this, though very quiet this week. Encrypted phone calls for the masses – could be interesting IPCC move towards the “deniers” postion on climate change Foreign Policy rounds up stories overlooked in 2013 There’s also quite a bit happening over on

Well that didn’t take long

Whilst I expected this to happen I’m slightly surprised that it’s been quite this quick. Just the other day BT announce they’re turning on censorship by default and before you can say “cluster fuck” it emerges that O2 are blocking a support site for homeless LGBT teens. This isn’t an accident, or at least not much of one, this is the filters working as designed. The New Statesman covers it very well, the debate was always framed as anti-porn when it was never just about porn, we don’t know who compiles the lists, the lists get changed and updated all … Continue reading