Anonymity through generosity

Lots of people have written many articles on how to use the internet in more or less anonymous fashions. So I suspect that this isn’t going to add anything new but will perhaps add a new slant or at least group things in a different fashion that may make more sense for some people than other articles have.

The obvious first step as many people have said is to make sure that whatever operating system you’re running is kept up to date and that you have a firewall and it’s locked down as much as possible. All of which is well and good and stops people getting directly onto your machine, but if they’ve got that level of interest in you you’ve probably got bigger problems to worry about (or you’re reading this a few years after I wrote it). At the moment the powers that be are mainly concentrating on traffic analysis. That’s what monitoring what web sites you visit and who you email actually is, they’re looking for patterns in the traffic people generate to see who’s talking to who and if there’s more traffic just after or before specific events. So at this stage in the game disguising your traffic is a good thing to do, and that’s where it pays to be generous.

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Internet freedom and you

Part 1 – A handful of beads

The internet has been and is still widely touted as a huge bastion of freedom, a virtual wild west, new and uncharted lands not to mention numerous other metaphors aimed to convince us that it can herald in a utopia of untold freedoms. Now of course none of that was ever true, the apparent freedoms all relied on expensive equipment paid for and managed by businesses and bits of government of varying sizes. The freedoms existed because what was going on was largely unnoticed and not understood by those that might want to stop it.
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Images, logos and plans

Not quite the second post I’d expected to write, but the others are taking longer than I expected, so I thought I’d share a few graphics instead, partly in response to anonymous comment to my last post and in response to something Old Holborn is talking about.

A while back I had the idea of printing small moo/business cards with a suitable logo on them and some text on the back that might prompt a spark of thought in people. I’d then leave them in books in book shops, tucked into poster frames and where ever else people might happen across them. Basically following age old traditions of viral marketing as it’s now called or flyering as it used to be. This plan is now under way with the first set of cards gradually escaping with the aid of some other people who thought it was worth a try.
Remember remember

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