Erasing David – someone should

If you’ve not seen the film “Erasing David” and intend to watch it and don’t want it spoilt then please stop reading now, as I’ve just finished watching it and really the man problem couldn’t erase an etcha-sketch without assistance – so I feel the need to rant and highlight a “few” of the mistakes he made. +20

Viewscreens are coming

This post is going to link to quite a few old articles as every time I’m about to write it something new adds to the pile of stuff that needs to be included. So it’s time I accepted the pace of things happening is just too fast and I should try to tie a few bits together knowing it’s all going to be out of date before I hit publish. The Government has a love hate relationship with the Internet, it loves the amount of data and control it could give over us but hates the fact that it allows … Continue reading

Details of a little walk

It’s that time of year again when it seems like a terribly nice idea to go for a gentle stroll through the heart of the fair city of London, in the good company of a group of like minded people in the traditional walking gear of a mask and cloak. Note that unlike the “procession” that will be taking place a few days prior, this is just a gentle stroll, not a protest, not a demo or anything as uncivilized as that. It is just a group of like minded people exercising their right to go for a walk in … Continue reading