Something a bit random

In case anyone’s been wondering I’ve not given up just work has been busy and at this time of year the garden needs a lot of attention (on which more later). Diverting from politics for a little bit and turning to something I know a bit more about, namely IT. In this case I want to talk about e-mail, I have a Gmail account (or two) that I use for something (with an android device it’s hard to avoid) but I don’t particularly like it. The main reason I don’t like it is it’s a pain to archive from and … Continue reading

Sneaky, sneaky very sneaky!

Once again a significant “consultation” that no body new about. It would seem that to they’d like to give the police yet more power: “This three-part consultation seeks your views on the areas of police powers which the government is committed to reviewing: – the relevance of the word ‘insulting‘ in section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 – new powers to request removal of face coverings – new powers to impose curfews” And as they’ve had a consultation, which ends tomorrow they’ll claim public support. ArchbishopCranmber and Old Holborn have more details, but if you’d like to once … Continue reading

Best walk so far

Another November the 5th gone and another “quiet” walk around London with the indomitable Old Holborn, Olly Cromwell, Katabasis and others whose presence has been erased by alcohol (remind me if you want) – which was an utter blast. As has become our want we met in the pleasing environs of Chandos to exchange niceties, don costumes and imbibe a bracing drink before braving the autumnal air. Our dapper and well presented crew headed off down Whitehall, pausing to admire the security in place at that bastion of democracy that is Downing street. Setting the theme for the day they … Continue reading