Distributing social networking

A while back I kicked in some money to fund the Diaspora project which was aimed at producing a distributed open source, privacy aware secure social networking platform , to replace the likes of Facebook. Outside of the states intrusion into our lives, the readiness with which people give up information to the likes of Google and Facebook (where the users data is the product) concerns me, not least because it provides a single point for governments to concentrate their power. Why bother bugging every ISP when 90% of the population are putting everything you want to know on a … Continue reading

Reducing clothing choices in france

According to news reports today the French have either banned the Burqa, niqab or veils. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find text of the actual bill to find out what has actually been banned as it makes quite a difference, mind as I don’t speak or read French it probably wouldn’t help if I could find the text of the bill. The French aren’t alone in such a ban as it’s already in place in Belgium and (allegedly) Syrian universities, however the details matter as all of them could be trivially worked around my anyone so minded to do … Continue reading

Escaping the internet panopticon

I’ll be returning to looking at the whole take back parliament thing later, but I’m still digging there so meantime I thought I’d pull together a few bits on something that I’m more familiar with. The Devils Kitchen has a link to an excellent article on the Panopticon Parliament which coming so close on the heals of Charlotte Gore’s article about the new front in the battle for liberty – prompted me to revisit an old bug bear of mine. Whilst we’re fighting tooth and nail (or at least letter and blog) to curtail the state intrusion into our lives, … Continue reading