So many bad arguments

In less than a month we’re going to have to vote to decide if we stay part of the EU or not, the campaign from both sides feels like a repeat of the Scottish referendum or a Gilbert and Sullivan number ( “full of words and music and signifying – nothing” – Tom Lehrer). Both sides are making claims about how we’ll be this much or that much better or worse off depending on how we choose – despite most economists not being able to predict a damn thing in normal conditions let alone after such a big change. How … Continue reading

EU say tomato….

Given I’m rather in favour of leaving the EU (more of which later) I thought I’d look at some of the things been said by those who hold the differing view. Both sides I’m afraid are making a lot of capital out of the confusion between: The European Union – the political body we’re discussing leaving Europe the continent which we are rather adjacent to and that isn’t going to change The European Court of Human Rights which has nothing to do with the European Union The European Convention on Human rights which also has nothing to do with the … Continue reading