Brexit pledges all bollox

In the run up to the EU referendum I can’t help but notice that both sides have spent an awful lot of effort in pledging that if we vote leave/remain then this that or the other will happen. They’ve also spent about as much time rubbishing the pledges made by the other side. A quick search of the news shows how much time and effort has been spent making and reporting on these pledges. Now in many things with regards to the EU referendum we simply don’t know what will happen, we have some guesses in the short term but … Continue reading

Nice economy shame if anything were to happen to it

Time and again I hear that if we were to leave the EU our economy would suffer. Now that in it self is a reasonable enough argument but almost always one of the reasons given for our economy suffering is that the EU would punish us for leaving. By way of example : “Project fear is a fitting name you should be fucking terrified” “The EU member states (France and Germany especially) know this, and will be out to punish us, they will want nothing more than to watch us have 3 years where we trash our economy, only to … Continue reading

The Scottish case for Brexit

I’ve heard tell all over the place that Scotland is very much against Brexit. Now I don’t know how true this is I doubt anyone does – but regardless I’d like to present the Scottish argument for Brexit*. Taking Responsibility by moving all Governing Powers to Britain You would like to get the opportunity to move more responsibilities to a more local British Democracy instead of accept the fate of Brussels plans? With all the powers moved to Britain, we can make a fairer Britain. Britain has the resources and finances Britain has the resources and finances to become independent. … Continue reading