Following in from my recent post about the joys of a bracing walk in early November, I’m delighted to report that Old Holborn will be chaperoning like minded people around Westminster. Details over on FaceBook “It would be a shame to let a November 5th pass without protest at that most sacred of institutions, the Royal Palace of Westminster, so I have decided that this years protest WILL take place. For those who are unaccustomed to my November 5th walks, it involves large amounts of beer, Guy Fawkes costumes, a great deal of humour and a willingness to poke the … Continue reading

This mask was made for walking

My recent post about the state of affairs in Whitby reminded me that just after the Whitby Goth weekend is another day when I tend to dress up and go around looking silly. By which of course I’m referring to the now traditional* walk around Westminster in the guise of Guy Fawkes. Hopefully Old Holborn will lead the way again, as he much better at it than I. But regardless come November the 5th I shall be wandering around Westminster in costume, as the powers that be don’t seem to be slowing down in destroying our liberties. After all with … Continue reading