On symbolism and protest

Whilst it’s still the season for running around in silly masks and costumes, I thought I’d link to this rather excellent article by Leg Iron concerning the nature of Guy Fawkes masks. Leg Iron touches on something I’ll happily whinge about for ages in that the use of the Guy Fawkes symbolism for all manners of protest dilutes it’s meaning and power (much like there now being a ribbon for everything). I did say whilst on the walk with OH the other day that if anyone asks what I was protesting I’d claim I was for the restoration of the … Continue reading

Best walk so far

Another November the 5th gone and another “quiet” walk around London with the indomitable Old Holborn, Olly Cromwell, Katabasis and others whose presence has been erased by alcohol (remind me if you want) – which was an utter blast. As has become our want we met in the pleasing environs of Chandos to exchange niceties, don costumes and imbibe a bracing drink before braving the autumnal air. Our dapper and well presented crew headed off down Whitehall, pausing to admire the security in place at that bastion of democracy that is Downing street. Setting the theme for the day they … Continue reading

Time for a walk?

At a lose end today? Why not toddle along to a nice little pub (Chandos) just off Trafalgar square to go for a bracing walk around Westminster, with Old Holborn and a bunch of like minded bloggers, libertarians and other ne’er do wells that are concerned with the way civil liberties are being eroded in this country and Governmental power is being given up to the poorly democratic EU. Hopefully see you there, Guy Fawkes outfit strongly encouraged :) Full report later, once I’m back and sober. +20