The time swift approaches for a little walk

This year has rather flown by, with revelations of how we’re being spied upon on a scale that would cause many of us to reach for our tin foil hat, the climate apparently isn’t melting down as fast as the “consensus” previously thought, we seem to have avoided yet another middle eastern war for the moment, the current Government continue to prove themselves as bad as the last lot and not really any different, the EU staggers on and of course the puritans are still trying for ever tighter controls on fun (particularly of the smokey drinky kind). So really … Continue reading

Anyone fancy a walk?

I notice that once again November the fifth is fast approaching, which means it must be time for a little bit of seasonal exercise. Old Holborn kicked off this little tradition 4 years ago now so if you’ve not made it before why not come along, have a little bit to drink then go for a bracing walk around Westminster. Meet our friendly met police force who’ve only searched us once but do like to follow us till we’re safe in the pub (I assume for our own protection). Last year we had lots of fun joining in with the … Continue reading

As seen on cracked

Have just been pointed to a rather amusing article on the first bit of which reminded me of a conversation OH and others had with some anarchists at the rally against debt: 8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite of What You Think “#8. Guy Fawkes Misunderstood By:Anarchists, 4Chan. Despite anarchists’ general failure to unite long enough to make any meaningful progress against their ideological enemies (democracy, capitalism, communism and Internet forum moderationism), they do have a few running themes and symbols in common. One of the most prominent symbols is the 17th century English revolutionary, Guy Fawkes, whose … Continue reading