A letter to the state

I’ve “stolen” this from Facebook and I don’t think it actually matters if this is a real letter as it purports or not, as it does really sum up the idocy of the state and how little benefit we get from all of it’s intrusion. Enjoy…. 0-1

Absurdist science

A few days ago a meteor exploded above Russia and an asteroid had a close fly by with the earth. Such is the state of science education and climate alarmism that a new anchor asked if the asteroid coming so close was due to global warming. I wonder though if I’m being too harsh on the news anchor when “scientists” are claiming that aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet”, and NASA have stated that the Russian meteor wasn’t linked to the asteroid – so really we … Continue reading

Purile amusement

Not got anything terribly insightful or clever on this one (so no change there) but the juxtaposition of these two links on the book of face to day amused me terribly. Via a feminist connection we have: A campaign against page 3 – or more specifically naked breasts in the Sun. I do think the Sun is missing a trick by not just renumbering their pages so that they go 1,2,4 and thus satisfy all those campaigns against page 3 but that’s just my surrealist side talking. However the other link that was posted in close proximity was… The Sun … Continue reading