Unspeakable – Laurie Penny

This isn’t about Ms.Penny’s latest tome, nor am I going to comment about someone who has protested Amazon having legal tax set ups selling their wares via the same company *. Rather I’ve found the whole Amazon review situation and the responses to it rather illuminating on some world views. It all started when Old Holborn tweeted ‘Let the trolling commence’ with a link to the Amazon review for “Unspeakable things”. This was interpreted in some quarters as Old Holborn instructing his followers to go and troll the reviews, and who knows maybe some people do do what OH tells … Continue reading

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear

I must admit that I’m terribly amused to hear that Jenny Jones of the Green Party has just discovered that the Police have been watching her. Now from where I’m sat any time a member of the great and good gets a taste of what happens to the rest of us it’s a good thing. What puzzles me though is that this was news to Ms Jones, after all she’s hardly the first politician the security forces have held files on. Just search for “MI5 files politicians” to see, or I suppose she could have asked Jack Straw or Peter … Continue reading