You can’t trust a copper

It’s true it seems you can’t trust a copper to actually know the law they’re meant to be enforcing. The Metropolitan police commissioner has admitted that his police sometimes forget the law on photography (not that it’s been a high profile issue or anything), and of course the plastic police have been found to delete photographs unlawfully. None of which of course is particularly news, and is hardly surprising given that the chief constables are ignoring the Home Secretary. But why should they worry about the law when the chances of any individual officer getting prosecuted for anything is so … Continue reading

They really don’t like photographers do they

The original of this article is over on Copyright Action, but they seem to be having bandwidth issues so I reproduce it in it’s entirety here. (reproduced with permission and all copyright and content remains © Copyright Action 2008 – 2009). When you’ve finished reading this consider a few things: 1) The police are generally unhappy at being photographed 2) How likely is it that the ICO provisions won’t be extended to all photographers after a suitable pause? 3) If we have our photographic copyrights removed today, what protects any of our other creative rights? 4) How much luck do … Continue reading

Digital Economy Bill – Petiton Harriet

Currently the Digital economy bill, is still trundling it’s way through parliament without any proper debate or anyone much taking a look at it. On Thursday Harriet Harman will have to explain the Government’s plans for this bill so before then write to her and ask that it be given proper time for a full debate. This in case you’ve forgotten is the bill that will block access to websites and cut off your internet access for alleged copyright infringement whilst at the same time allow anyone to make use of your photographs for anything if they think it’s an … Continue reading