Sneaky, sneaky very sneaky!

Once again a significant “consultation” that no body new about. It would seem that to they’d like to give the police yet more power: “This three-part consultation seeks your views on the areas of police powers which the government is committed to reviewing: – the relevance of the word ‘insulting‘ in section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 – new powers to request removal of face coverings – new powers to impose curfews” And as they’ve had a consultation, which ends tomorrow they’ll claim public support. ArchbishopCranmber and Old Holborn have more details, but if you’d like to once … Continue reading

State of protest in the US

Whilst this is only a single person account of the events and police behaviour, and so I have a pinch of salt handy, even if the report is exaggerated the use of mace on a reportedly peaceful crowd and arresting everyone on a street even if they’ve only just arrived. Does seem horribly excessive and really not the sort of thing that the “land of the free” should be doing, least not if they want to keep telling less pleasant regimes to sort out their act. My name is Kelly Schomburg, I’m the girl with the red hair in these … Continue reading

A nice little earner

Way back in 2002 Labour introduced the idea of accredited workers, people who can demand our details, or our money for a variety of things not all of which were offences. It’s not been exactly a tidal wave of people getting these powers but as The Telegraph observes the number is increasing an increasing rate both in numbers of people who are accredited and in the number of organisations allowed to enrol people. It would seem to be snow balling, and why not all those fines they can charge help to keep paying for councillors and politicians expenses and jollies … Continue reading