Olympic Round up

Zil lanes With phase one of the Olympics over here’s a bit of a round up of the nonsense that’s being going on.
No much by way of good news for the official sponsors over at Just Drinks
Beer drinkers and pubs all over seem to be unhappy with the brand police judging by Real ale up north (And let’s not mention the GBBF being shunted from Earls Court to the smaller venue at Olympia for some sporting thing or other).
Even the mainstream media is reporting how bad the games have been for small businesses of course our glorious leaders still claim it’s been “a very good period” for tourism. Which with many places reporting being down 30%+ on normal, such a disconnect with basic mathematics may explain why the deficit is still rising and the economy still stagnant. If 30% down is a good period I’d hate to know what would count as a bad one. VISA an official sponsor and the only card you can use in Olympic venues said they were seeing more bookings – odd that. From official responses the price of people being able to get to the games easily will be the destruction of numerous small businesses in central London – just what’s needed during a recession/down turn. Heathrow was quieter than predicted and tourists attractions are considering being 10% down as good compared to other places – actually go read the whole independent article for the full catalogue of suffering business and the lack disconnect from reality from Government.

Andrew Gillian also reports local business suffering and his expereince around Greenwich seems to broadly match those from my little walk

Guido has a handy break down of some of the financials.

Another Telegraph writer Dr Stephen suggests that maybe as athletes do so well when funded and looked after that maybe the same could work in education.

Woman on a raft manages to find a hint of a silver lining to the cloud at least.

Finally with the Para Olympics coming up with ATOS being an official sponsor the strangest thing has happened an UK Uncut have had a good idea and plan to protest outside their HQ on the same day as the closing ceremony. I do of course still hold every expectation that they’ll come up with some whacky stunt that will make a sows ear of it but, for now it’s a good idea.

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