Registering with the Raw Tobacco Scheme

Following on from yesterdays article about how the HMRC have taken leave of their senses, today as a dutiful and law abiding citizen and gardener I sent off my application to register with the Raw Tobacco Scheme. If as a gardener you also need to apply feel free to borrow from my letter or more generally Nothing to Declare have their own application template.

Once you have registered and have got your UAN if you use a council compost bin don’t forget to contact your council to make sure that they are suitably registered for legal handling of you waste raw tobacco. If the HMRC decide that you’re not a fit and proper person to have a herbaceous border, I’d suggest contacting them to ask how you’re meant to dispose of it whilst not registered without breaking their regulations, maybe suggest they could send round their own gardener.

Raw Tobacco Approval Scheme
Excise Processing Teams

Application for Approval for Raw Tobacco Scheme

I am a private individual and need to apply to register for approval under the Raw tobacco Scheme my details are as follows:
Registrant type: Private Individual
Contact Number: +44 208 7946 2003
Postal Address: 2003 The Hovel, Scarfolk
E-Mail Address:
Date of Birth: 1st April 2017
Details of controlled activities:
I am a keen gardener and grow several types of Nicotiana for both decorative and fragrance purposes. This usually includes several of the larger varieties which are traditionally used for tobacco production. Due to keeping my herbaceous border neat and seasonal pruning previous years suggest that I will be in a position of holding and transporting over 2kg of waste raw tobacco and so will not qualify for an exemption.
Address for controlled activities: 2003 The Hovel, Scarfolk
Name and address of supplier of raw tobacco:
I will not be being supplied with raw tobacco as the plants are currently alive and any new plants will be bought either as seed or new live plants. As I have no supplier of raw tobacco the question of where that supplier is registered is not applicable.
Estimated quantity of raw tobacco involved with a controlled activity in a 12 month period:
Unfortunately I’ve never previously weighed the pruning’s and dead plants before putting them into my compost or council waste bin, however as I did once weigh one of the root balls from a potted plant and my plants regularly exceed 2 metres I would estimate that over the course of the year I’ll possess in the region of 15kg of raw tobacco material, probably around 10kg at one time in autumn when I prepare the garden for winter.
l declare the information contained in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Please respond by mail only.

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2 Responses to Registering with the Raw Tobacco Scheme

  1. Lisboeta says:

    For a moment, I thought this was satire….