Breaking : Just 3D print it – lose again


Image by Loubie

News just in Ryan Simms and the other cockwombles over at Just 3D theft have lost another court case. This makes the score 2-1 against Just 3D idiots and the one they won was basically by a very bizarre default and is being appealed. Which rather makes their previous missive to me even more ludicrous.

The highlights of todays order include such gems as :

  • The judge determining that Loubie did indeed hold copyright to her model, despite Ryan Simms claims otherwise. Which unless I’m much mistaken means by implication the judge just ruled that Just 3D Theft did in fact steal other people’s intellectual property
  • 3DR are just as unqualified as Just 3D Theft to publish a legal opinion, but if Ryan D. Cockwomble can publish his opinion on copyright issues, then so can anyone else even if they’re ‘ using somewhat “unflattering” words‘.
  • Just 3D Theft lost revenue for breaking eBay’s policies, but presented no evidence as to what policy they broke, and can’t demonstrate that 3DR’s article had anything to do with it
  • No one knows why eBay shut down just 3D print, it might be due to Loubie’s complaint, but no evidence has been presented to support any reason

I’m obviously summarizing from a position of blissful ignorance of American law. Anyway the tone of the whole judgement is rather lovely and it’s not that long, so go read it yourselves.

Ryan D. Cockwomble may of course choose to appeal the two cases he’s lost so far, he’ll at least be back in court once more to fight the appeal case against Stratasys. Given Just 3D Maroons track record with reality and evidence so far I’m not holding out much hope for them prevailing in that case or any appeals they choose to bring.

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5 Responses to Breaking : Just 3D print it – lose again

  1. Elmo Clarity says:

    In regards to the appeal of the first case lose, it is past the filing deadline for an appeal and I didn’t find any entry for an appeal on the docket.