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Random round up of stuff from last week. Wind turbines even less reliable than previously thought NSA won’t deny spying on congress An interesting experiment in giving people money – that may show that a citizens wage isn’t as crazy as some people claim How to make money with wind power Unelected peers defend our liberties yet again Puritans gunning for sugar control – remember slavery is freedom IPCC and “denier” points of view move ever closer Remeber once on the EU gravy train it costs a lot to get off Winter is coming and it may stay a while … Continue reading

Last week else where

I may yet get the hang of this, now just to actually do this at the start of the week and I might begin to look like a proper blogger. Mark reckons he’s leaving the LibDems and with good reason The EU says it’s fine for Spain to bully Gibraltar The spooks will be suffering from lack of co-operation from security professionals for years to come Both the Tories and Labour decided to hide a load of speeches Apparently clicking “like” doesn’t actually help charities who’d have thunk it Anonymous Vs. Anonymous not quite Spy Vs Spy still rather funny … Continue reading

Everything will be need to know

(This post was first published at Knee Jerk) Ignorance it seems is bliss, that is our ignorance would be bliss to those that spy upon us. With so many revelations coming from the Snowden leaks it’s hard to keep up with what those whacky dudes over at the NSA and GCHQ are up to. Yesterday a bunch of e-mail services shut down rather than risk giving customer data to the spooks, the Germans decide it would be super special if they just turned on encryption between mail servers – but the spooks weren’t to be out done. They have decide … Continue reading