To my psychic friends

Much like the good folks over at Samizdata I had no interest in commenting on the recent trial of Mr George Zimmerman for the killing of Mr Trayvon Martin – not in my fields of interest and I knew nothing about it. However following the jury decision to find Mr Zimmerman innocent it turns out that a lot of my friends are psychic and know that Mr Zimmerman deliberately went out of his way to murder mr Martin due to his colour. Now sadly these friends weren’t able to make their unique skills available to the court, but I would … Continue reading

Do you really support protecting all sub cultures against hate crime?

My friends feed continues to be full of people rejoicing at Greater Manchester police not treating everyone as equal before the law, and calling for the extension of hate crime legislation to include alternative subcultures and as the Sophie Lancaster campaign says: “To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from alternative subcultures or Lifestyle and Dress.” The press is even being terribly glad about it and people are writing articles praising this new attack on equality. Last time I checked assault was illegal and so was harassment so there is recourse if you need … Continue reading

Modern justice or something

I’m not going to link to anyone’s blog just for a change, but I’m really quite astonished by some of the things that have been said in blogs I tend to frequent. Most of the blogs I read seem to generally be in favour of justice, against mob rule and generally believe in the old fashioned idea that someone is innocent until proven guilty – or at least I thought they did. Following the recent allegations about the late James Saville even before any sort of investigation has taken place an awful lot of people seem to be of the … Continue reading