Mr Gove And His Amazing Minefield Clog-Dance

“Mr Gove And His Amazing Minefield Clog-Dance I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Michael Gove’s next performance appraisal. I happen to have met a few of the senior whips at the conservative party and I can imagine one in particular, sitting back, making a steeple of his fingers and asking, with terrifying nonchalance “So Michael, what have we learned about two deeply unpopular ministers exchanging stupid ideas by non-secure memo on a slow news week?”. For a slow news week it is. One capsized cruise liner, a couple of cut and dried murders and the limited … Continue reading

Recycling press releases

The ever diligent Katabsis has a rather wonderful article up dissecting how the investigative main stream media recycles press releases from the environment agency – terribly green of them. As a taster….. The data shows several clear patterns: – The so called “quality press” are the worst offenders for churning Environment Agency press releases – whilst there were many entries from the tabloids and local papers, their cutting and pasting was less egregarious than the “quality press”. Now stop wasting your time here and go read it :) 0-1

Hoping Cameron doesn’t topple

Having given the matter some thought I’m really rather hoping that Mr Cameron doesn’t get forced to resign due to the current kerfuffle about people listening to other peoples voice mail (really it’s not hacking). As Dizzy observes what has he actually done, compared to say the scandals that Blair sailed through? Which isn’t to say that he shouldn’t resign after all Blair should have, just it would seem unlikely. But looking at the scandal as