A year of ConDem Nation

So a year ago today the country got rid of the pox that was Gordon Brown (and he’s only been back to parliament once despite being re-elected). So what’s happened since then, well we’re onto our second consultation about repealing laws with no laws yet repealed* (we obviously asked for the wrong ones to be repealed last time so they’ll keep asking till we give the right answer). The coalition is still holding together despite, or because of, rapid jettisoning of principles by the LibDems. Meanwhile we’ve had violent protests from people threatened with the reduction of the cash they … Continue reading

A miscellany of idiocy

Having muttered about the student “demo” previously I find myself returning to the subject due to comments made by other commentators and people that were there. From the title of this post you can probably gather that I disagree with their points really quite strongly. But of course it’s not just supporters of the student demo’s advocating violence, elsewhere there are green candidates whose response to the cuts impacting “a genuinely shocking number of important animal welfare initiatives” and thus creating the kind of world they don’t wish to live in, is not to look at how they could fund … Continue reading

Why we still need to go walking

Having just recently plugged a rather nice afternoon stroll, today brings reminders as to why such strolling is still needed as a minimum. The new bosses really are the same as the old bosses (but then they probably always were going to be, especially if you subscribe to the view that they’re just following orders from Brussels/hidden powers). The pub element of the walk could certainly become trickier Via Big Brother watch a review of how the coalition and civil liberties, which doesn’t make happy reading. Nor in some ways does the dropping of charges against the love police as, … Continue reading