Registering with the Raw Tobacco Scheme

Following on from yesterdays article about how the HMRC have taken leave of their senses, today as a dutiful and law abiding citizen and gardener I sent off my application to register with the Raw Tobacco Scheme. If as a gardener you also need to apply feel free to borrow from my letter or more generally Nothing to Declare have their own application template. Once you have registered and have got your UAN if you use a council compost bin don’t forget to contact your council to make sure that they are suitably registered for legal handling of you waste … Continue reading

The Deil’s Awa Wi’ The Exciseman

As the poet said “The Deil’s Awa Wi’ The Exciseman” or at least with HMRC’s senses. Via the ever excellent LegIron it has been brought to my attention that HMRC are taking steps to crack down on people not paying duty on tobacco products. This news I’m sure will make the Puritans shriveled hearts sing for joy, if they’re allowed to sing that is. HMRC have decided that it’s time to crack down on raw tobacco and that unless you qualify for exemption if you deal with raw tobacco in anyway you will have to register with them, so that … Continue reading

Experiments in baccy

A while back LegIron posted an update on his Tobacco experiments and I promised I’d share what I’d been up to with my experiments. So now with all of last years leaves all packed and mellowing and the new crop in I thought it a good time for that update. Before I go any further I must point out that I don’t smoke so I’m dependent on friends for feedback as to how well it smokes and so far that feedback is good. I’m mainly growing baccy because I can and because people think you can’t (it’ll also be a … Continue reading