No I’m wikileaks

When fitwatch was taken down I commented that the powers that be should have gone after the DNS provider as that would be harder to fix, and so it has come to pass that the DNS for wikileaks has been “confiscated”. So via facebook it seems someone on twitter has suggested that everyone who has their own domain name should add their own entry for wikileaks. The DNS addresses for wikileaks seem to be quite in a state of flux though it seems they have got a new IP address after being kicked off the Amazon cloud. So if you … Continue reading

Everybody Research the Holocaust Day

Hot on the heels of the First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day comes… Everybody Research the Holocaust Day. This it seems is a response from someone who got a teense upset about people drawing pictures of Mohammad (and to be fair many of them mine included really weren’t great works of art). However as Harry’s place has a plan: “Now it seems to me that a bit of lesson in free speech is very much in order here, so if its an ‘Everybody Research the Holocaust Day’ that the members of this Facebook group want then let’s give them exactly … Continue reading

Can’t draw for toffee

Now normally I really can’t draw, tonight I’m just back from the pub and my graphics tablet isn’t working so I had to use the trackball. Trackballs it seems are even worse for drawing than mice. However this is as good as it’ll get so for the First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day – here’s something…. Update A rather good article about why to draw Mohammad over at Greta Christina’s Blog and the Everyone Draw Mohammed blog +30