Free the Bolton one

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already read about the plight of Nick Hogan, if not go and read about it over at Old Holborns and whilst you’re there make use of the donate button to chip in an help get him out of prison. I thought debtor’s prisons had been done away with but apparently not, and by all accounts this particular prison has a particularly bad reputation. Even if you agree with the smoking bad, the issue here is as Charles Crawford says far more about “the definition of a privately owned pub as a ‘public place’ under … Continue reading

More things of interest

Much as I hate to have two posts in a row just pointing you at other articles, but I’m just going to have to live with that. First off there is a rather ill thought out advert to persuade us all to get ID cards – apparently so that we can be executed, as spotted by The Register (do read the comments) and taken up by Big Brother Watch. Which rather ties in with another excellent article from the keyboard of Leg Iron – a hypothetical future where people without ID chips get pulled from the street. Go read it … Continue reading

Carter-Fuck and Trafigura at it again

So it seems that the worlds most loved law firm, Carter-Fuck, are up to their normal tricks again on behalf of that bastion of environmental concern Trafigura. My attention has been drawn to this post by Richard Wilson, it would seem that Carter-Fuck would really much rather we didn’t see a Panorama report on the wast they dumped on the Ivory Coast. So via yet another gagging order forcing the BBC to take down this video from their web site. Richard Wilson has a PDF capture of the Panorama site from googles cache before it got Carter-Fucked. (Anonymong copy) The … Continue reading