Anarchy in the UK

Due to having recently acquired a social life, previously lost behind the sofa, I’m rather light on blogging and even further behind the news. Sadly I will catch up and probably go back to a load of things that no one’s interested in any more – however in the mean time it seems the police would like us all to snitch on any anarchist sympathisers we might know though they apparently have already backed down Captain Ranty as ever has is covered as does The nameless libertarian so there’s really nothing left to say it’s all done and dusted in … Continue reading

I am Pornacus

So the government have come up with another jolly wheeze to control the Internet, we have to opt in to be allowed to access “porn” on computers we pay for over connections provided at our expense by private companies. Oh and as Anna Raccoon points out anything with too much of #FFE5B4 could be iffy. The implications of such restrictiosn have already been nicely covered by Leg Iron amongst others and Make it stop have suggested the tradtional internet response to anyone trying to block anything. “Make lots more of it avaialble” Or for those of a more classical bent … Continue reading

Considering Wikileaks

Wikileaks has today released what is reportedly a fairly obvious list of facilities that the US considers to be of strategic importance. Which to me raises the question of what purpose the leak serves. Wikileaks presents itself as serving public interest, but what public interest is there in releasing the sort of list that anyone who was interested in could probably produce on their own? As observed over at Harry’s place it’s not exactly a major security issue, but it’s not exactly helpful – either for the security forces or on the grounds of public interest. With some past leaks … Continue reading