UAF and the far right

Having returned from my latest travels normal lack of service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime may I draw your attention to this article over at Harry’s Place. Who are reporting that the bastion of free speech and liberty that is “Unite against fascism” have just appointed a new vice chair Azad Ali of the Islamic Forum Europe, proponent of Sharia law, opposer of democracy and Hamas supporter. But hey at least he’s not a fascist! Well probably not, though the links between “Islamic Forum Europe and the far Right South Asian party, Jamaat-e-Islami” Harry’s place mention do make … Continue reading

This is not the war you’re looking for

Due to having had a bit of social life this weekend I’m a tad behind with the obligatory comment on the September 11 anniversary – but as it’s apparently compulsory I can’t let the date pass uncommented. On the bright side it also means I can largely just link to other people that have said what I want to say so much better than I would. Let’s start the ball rolling with Penn and Teller (H/T Angry Exile) From how we’ve reacted to that one incident and the subsequent nonsense in London – has basically meant that from the get … Continue reading

Automatic fear updates

Quite a while back I bemoaned the fact that MI5 weren’t kind enough to provide an RSS feed of the current UK threat level so I wrote a little script so I could know in real time if I should be more or less afraid, and so make sure that my fear and paranoia were at government approved levels at all times. Well it seems that they’ve finally* got round to providing an official RSS feed which is very nice of them and far more reliable than my efforts. You can find it here: Note it’s available over both … Continue reading