Apologies and condemnation

Predictably, the fervor for free-speech didn’t last past the march in Paris and the politicians are back to calling for less freedom and more snooping and certain elements of the press saying we’re all to blame, it had nothing to do with Islam, and worrying about a back lash from the “far right”. In all of the column inches written so far, few have touched on who really needs to apologise for the attacks – and apologies are called for. Sadly, the people who need to apologise for not standing up for free speech and allowing attacks like this to … Continue reading

Je Suis Charlie‬

I was meaning to write an article this week to join in the general condemnation of the calls for Katie Hopkins to be arrested over a tweet. For anyone who believes in free speech the idea that you should be arrested over being obnoxious is horrendous. There have been no threats of action being taken against the people that threatened or called for physical harm to be done to her, but the Scottish police assured us that they were monitoring twitter in case of anyone causing offence. Not in case of people threatening violence but in case of offence. Many … Continue reading

The security Jobsworths

For those of you that are regular readers you may remember the other day when I went for little walk, that the police took interest in my interest in the various security features around Westminster. Well it seems the problem is far from uncommon and it’s not just the police that are against us filming well pretty much anything, as Rod Liddle recently found. As the film so rightly observes they object to us filming but want to film us all the time, and when challenged none of them can give a reason why the filming or looking at stuff … Continue reading