Strange days indeed

The end of the world must surely be coming, that or I’ve fallen into some odd alternate reality, for today we have: Tom Harris saying Daniel Hannan is right (which he is) and elsewhere Peter Tatchell is defending homophobes (well their right to free speech). All these attacks on our liberties and sovereignty do make for some strange alliances. +1-1

They have a little list of things they want to ban

For quite a while now Leg Iron has been talking a great deal of sense about how the powers that be like to ban things and use the same methods every time. The most successful they’ve been recently and the blue print for it seems banning everything else was the smoking ban where we now have to worry about third hand smoke, and they’re looking at stopping you smoking in your own house or car if children are present, and of course publicans will be fine and imprisoned for not stopping people smoking when they’re not there. The moves against … Continue reading

UKIP a correction

I really must apologise, my previous article UKIP losing the plot I’d rather presumed that UKIP wanted a blanket ban on the burqa. However as Dick Puddlecote points out over at Old Holborns this isn’t actually the case. They just want to ban it in public buildings and allow for it to be banned in private buildings as well and they actually want to ban “anything which conceals a woman’s face“. Which is marginally more reasonable, except why just women’s faces? Surely experience tells us that men with covered faces are far more likely to be a problem? And what … Continue reading