More petitions

Sorry about this but two more petitions towards which I feel I should draw your attention. First falling into my inbox this morning a request from The EU Referendum pledge they’d like us to get more names signed up to try and start putting direct pressure on our various MPs, and see which ones are actually prepared to at least claim they’d like to give us a say on our membership in the EU. The second via Anna Raccoon is new of a petition to reform libel laws to allow “fair comment”, go sign that over at It won’t … Continue reading

Freespeech in Europe

Over at Samizdata it’s reported that Gert Wilders is on trial for his film Fitna. A film which saw him banned from the UK despite not having broken any law and being invited here by the Lords. The BBC cover the matter briefly when you consider the precedent this trial will have on freedom of speech across Europe – as so eruditely expounded by Archbishop Cranmer (from where I’ve shamelessly stolen the image used here). After all as has been said many many times, freedom of speech is an all or nothing affair, and even if you disagree with Mr … Continue reading

Still giving away power to the EU

Do you remember that nice Mr Cameron seeming to promise not to give away more power to the EU without asking us first? Except of course it was only to block “new treaties” anything done under existing treaties is just fine. That this has had no effect on the tide of legislation coming from the EU and in fact wasn’t intended to have any effect was shown clearly when our new ConDem overlords adopted the EU arrest warrant. The EU is also setting up it’s own diplomatic service and can now supervise our national budget – and their latest acquisition … Continue reading